Useful make up advice from MODA make up artist, Lauren Eaton

As a Makeup artist I will always assess what colours will make the most of your facial features by using my knowledge on colour theory.

  1. Brown is the most flattering colour eye makeup despite eye colour.
  • By placing complementary colours next to each other, they can be used to help enhance certain features to make them more prominent.
  • Blue eyes = Gold/Orange will enhance
  • Green eyes= Browns/gold’s/coppers/purples
  • Brown eyes= Green/golds/bronzes/browns/blues. Brown eyed models are the luckiest as most colours will suit you!
    make up advice

    A 1940's theme with redhead model Jess

Eye Makeup Advice

  1. Blending is the key to a good makeup
  2. Avoid clumpy mascara – this takes attention away from the eyes
  3. Cheap eye colours lack in pigment, therefore the tone won’t be as vibrant as it appears in the pallet.

Useful tools

  1. Cotton Buds – great for neatening & correcting
  2. Angled Sponges – you can pick these up from places like Superdrug, boots.



Thanks for reading, more soon!

Lauren x

eye make up advice

Working on eye make up prior to the 1940's location shoot




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  1. 12:39 am, June 13, 2011Letitia  / Reply

    That’s not just logic. That’s raelly sensible.

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